Microsquirt v6

Microsquirt v6

Click image for full-size version. Note that some wire colors may change over time ex. Always verify the pin number for any connection. Where is my engine's setup? Is it emission legal? What do the version numbers mean? How can I find my code version? What is 'tuning'? What about automatic transmissions? How can I find out more?

Where can I ask questions? Is there a PDF of the manual? How do I purchase? How does it work?

microsquirt v6

Can I do sequential injection? What other hardware is there? What do I need? Can I buy an assembled unit? What if I can't get it to work? What if I need ignition control? Is there a simpler piggyback version? What You Need Where to Purchase?In the illustration:. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may write a review. Is this just for motorcycles and other small engines, or can it be used in a car or truck?

Are there other versions of the MicroSquirt for other functions? Could I use two MicroSquirts, one running the engine and one running the transmission? The MicroSquirt can run fuel and ignition on a single cylinder no problem. Reverse engineering a stock map is a bit of a challenge. For less common applications, you will want to contact our technical support team. We will be glad to go over your project in more detail.

Stepping up to something in the MS3 family like an MS3Pro EVO would allow for fully sequential fuel and ignition control as well as control over the variable valve timing. We do not have any experience with aircraft safety requirements, so you are responsible for any work required by your country to demonstrate aircraft safety.

That said, the MicroSquirt can operate the engine if it does not use low impedance injectors and does not use a stepper IAC valve. The MicroSquirt would be able to run the fueling on a Ford V6 in bank to bank and use either a distributor or wasted spark ignition.

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It will work, but isn't ideal. There is not a good way to mount the MapDaddy inside the MicroSquirt case, and there is no enclosure for using the MapDaddy as an external sensor. The Ford V6 is fairly straightforward. You will need a QuadSpark ignition module if running the stock coil. An MS2 V3.

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We do not recommend MicroSquirt on GM TBI applications as its injector drivers cannot handle the current that the very low resistance TBI injectors use without current limiting resistors which slow down their opening times and does not have an output for the stepper IAC valve.

It's 4. This unit will have full control over fuel and ignition on this car. Stepping up to an MS3 will give you more advanced boost control, traction control, individual cylinder tuning, and other high end features. Please contact our support team if you have any questions.

The the MicroSquirt will have native support for this pattern. If the pattern is different, please contact us with a picture of the trigger wheel, and we will check if it can be used. The MicroSquirt can run this engine with bank to bank fueling and distributor based or wasted spark ignition.

The MicroSquirt has only two injector outputs. Normally on a 3 cylinder 2 stroke, the system would use one coil that sparks all three cylinders at once, and the MicroSquirt software is set up to do this.

Megasquirt - Engine specific packages

It does not currently support 2 separate coils on a 3 cylinder unless they are triggered at the same time. MicroSquirt ignition output wiring is covered starting in section 5. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support department will full details of what coils you are running. This system works with many cars that used Bosch engine management, but you will need to contact our support team to go over what is needed to run the ignition and some other features on this engine.

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You will want to use the standard MicroSquirt wiring diagram as well as the TFI distributor wiring diagram in the MicroSquirt hardware manual. Please see our software and downloads page for the required tuning software.

This may be an odd fire motor, but it's not a particularly odd application - we have a number of customers using this ECU on Harley V-twins. It has two fuel and two ignition outputs, and supports many motorcycle crank trigger patterns natively.Question: I have a 4. Will Chevy rods and pistons fit in it? How strong is the stock block? Is there a four-bolt main block, or can I use splayed caps? I would like an updated set of heads. Did GM make aluminum heads for this engine?

Is that a good idea? I also need a single-plane intake. I want to use aluminum rods in this engine to keep rotating weight down. I am going to run I'm not sure of a cam choice yet. I guess I could just cam it like a V-8, but I don't know. I want to turn it 7, rpm and make hp. It is going in an S truck. Nitrous is a possibility. When nitrous is rated at hp for a V-8, how much is it for a V-6? I am shooting for mids.

Think it's possible? Michael QuesenberryLeonardtown, MD. Answer: Whew-lots of questions here, but let's take it from the top. Chevy's production 4. Chevy small-block V-8s have three oil galleries above the camshaft. The central gallery feeds the camshaft and crankshaft bearings, while the two side galleries lubricate the lifters and valvetrain. Production V engines including the 4. The passenger-side gallery feeds the right bank of lifters, just like the small-block V A large-diameter driver-side gallery feeds both the left lifter bank and the camshaft and crankshaft bearings; it is offset from the lifter bore centerline to allow oil to flow around the lifter bodies.

The production V two-gallery oiling system has proven satisfactory through 7, rpm. InGM introduced a balance shaft on 4. All stock-production V blocks have two-bolt main caps. However, V-8 and V main caps interchange, permitting Vstyle four-bolt main caps to be installed on the center journals, just like they can be fitted to a two-bolt-main block. New cap installation requires line-boring the block.

Some of these blocks also had full V-8 three-gallery oiling provisions, and depending on the specific part number, could be bored as large as 4.In my oddball 90 I have a ford essex v6, currently running an electronic dizzy and a weber twin choke carb - it goes reasonably well, makes a rather nice noise but is only slightly more economical than an RV One of of the ways of hopefully getting a bit more grunt and a bit more mpg although I'm not hoping for miracles is to go for megasquirt I should be able to get a trigger wheel and sensor for the crank, ford v6 EDIS which will take care of the ignition side, and potentially a yank throttle body injection unit at some point in the future to replace the carb.

Will the microsquirt run everything I want to OK? I know it's cut down a bit but don't want to end up crippling myself Microsquirt is an MS2 in a small form with a few limitations - one is injector current, the other is the lack of an internal MAP sensor. I don't think it can be easily modified to control EDIS. I know it's very borderline for a Rover V8.

More local factors are the fact that MS2 and MicroSquirt are not common fare round these parts, whereas a "normal" MS bought from Nige running the same code as everyone else gives you a broader support base.

OK - this is the kind of info that I'm after. For the injectors - the only option is throttle body injection, so there's only 2 injectors, so not so much of an issue. For a MAP sensor I think you use an external one - bosch or similar Alternative ebay vendors of edis6 packs are available you know. I was surprised when I found out it was located in the ecu itself and have always wondered if there was a specific reason! With the ECU in my other car, the sensor is external, and you can use any type - but you have to go through a calibration process to define it when you set it up initially.

In theory the pipe run should be short, but someone on the MS forums did some testing and pretty much proved that the length of pipe between the manifold and sensor didn't really make any difference to the results Also, if you have it right on the intake, you can get fluttering in the MAP value, which makes MS do funny things, quite a few people run a small fuel filter in the MAP line to give it some damping I don't though!

EDIS-6 works great on the Essex. If you can find the original Ford pressed metal timing wheel from the Escort, it will bolt between the two front pulleys after about 10 seconds filing.

I never got the multispark option to work, but I don't know if the V6 module doesn't support it generally, or just the modules that I had. I have seen more than one Essex with port injection, one was in an 88" built by a guy who spent his working hours welding stainless.

I don't thinks there much benefit over TBI though, as the plenum volume is very small and the intake tracts are very short, I suspect you could even get worse mixture variation rather than better. The essex doesn't have the silly V8 firing order, so you don't get the same adjacent cylinder firing problems.

The Chevy TBI unit is easy to fit on the standard manifold, or on a 4-barrel one, with homemade adapters. Unless you're going to make a LOT of power, you'll want the smallest chevy injectors you can find 35lb?

Thanks for the feedback TSD - your thread and build pages have been my reference and inspiration for a while now. However if you want a pressed steel one order part no. It cost me Tooth height 17mm. If you do, I'd be happy to have it off your hands for a reasonable consideration. Not really - I've been discussing it on and off with TSD via PM for about 6 months now, and still haven't got any of the other bits- a week or so won't really make a lot of difference!

microsquirt v6

FridgeFreezer should be posting me a suitable timing wheel at some point this week. Patience and beer. Anything else? H f H is selling some of the v6 bits on ebay at the moment, so that should be reasonably straightforward Where's the usual mounting point for the MS in the cabin? Under the seat box, or is it of risk of getting wet in there? Lambda probes - a couple of them.MicroSquirt ECU is our entry-level, fully assembled ECU with varied applications targeting power sport and single cylinder all the way up to 8 cylinders with up to 2 fuel and 4 spark outputs.

In the illustration:. You must be logged in to post a comment. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may write a review. Is this just for motorcycles and other small engines, or can it be used in a car or truck? Are there other versions of the MicroSquirt for other functions? Could I use two MicroSquirts, one running the engine and one running the transmission? The MicroSquirt can run a V6 as long as you use high impedance injectors or suitable current limiting resistors for low impedance injectors.

It will support a Nissan optical distributor, or you can add one of our trigger wheels to support distributorless ignition. Idle control can be done with a PWM type 2 or 3 wire idle air control valve. Please contact our technical support team if you have any questions.

microsquirt v6

This listing is for the ECU only, no wiring or sensors. There are several different ways one could set up a W. We'd be glad to get a recommendation together for your specific build.

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Yes, and it will run the stock sensors except that you will want to add a GM type MAP sensor as well as a wideband O2 sensor for tuning. If you are using the 4R70W automatic, you will need to add a second MicroSquirt to operate the transmission. If you have the M10 four cylinder, you can either use the stock distributor advance for ignition control and run fuel only or modify the engine for electronic ignition control.

For the M20 eta six cylinder, your best bet is to swap to the later M20B25 crank trigger setup to let the MicroSquirt control your timing. On a four cylinder, a MicroSquirt can run bank to bank fueling but not sequential fuel control. The engine is likely to run fine on bank to bank fueling although sequential fuel control may give a few improvements to idle control and light throttle drivability.

You will probably need a QuadSpark ignition module to fire this coil. A MicroSquirt can control fuel and ignition on a 4G63, no problem. No cam wheel needed.Quick links: Manuals : Megasquirt info : Forum help page : Downloads. Moderators: jsmcortinamuythaibxr.

On an odd fire V6wasted spark is not an option best I can tell since the "opposing" cylinder is not in its exhaust cycle. As such, a method of determining cam position is required so that it will fire on the compression cycle. Options for cam position are a retrofit cam sensor very difficult or dizzy modification inaccurate and maybe messy retrofit So It will do so on the compression cycle and the exhaust cycle wasting that spark.

Might this work? If not where did I go wrong? At this point I'm trying to design the system and thus need to know how to do this. I've read a bunch which may be causing part of the problem If that is true, then you really do need a method of getting a cam signal.

I can supply, repair or upgrade Megasquirts in UK. Once for the compression stroke and once for the exhaust stroke. One fire would be at compression and the other is wasted spark during exhaust. Currently the dizzy generates one pulse per cylinder cycle. What I'm trying to understand is when a signal is used from the dizzy, is it used as a general indicator to MS and MS then uses the crank sensor for precision ignition timing or is the dizzy used as the basis for the timing?

Thanks for helping. Engine cycle means the full degrees. Your current dizzy has six teeth and generates one pulse per ignition event and therefore six per engine cycle. I mean one tooth giving one pulse per engine cycle. That would be used to tell the ECU which phase it is on. In that case the crank trigger gives the accurate position information and the single cam tooth from the dizzy is for phase information only.

I still hope to go DIS but if not, using the dizzy phasing will not negatively affect accurate timing. The wasted spark comment confuses me. Then if I fire once per TDC adjusted for timing one spark will fire compression and the next spark will fire exhaust wasted. My thought was not to do normal wasted spark using dual coil on dual cylinders. Rather using 6 outputs driving one coil per cylinder and that every other spark per 4-cycles per cylinder was wasted.

92lx. Whats the difference between microsquirt and megasquirt for fox mustangs

Based on what you indicated, TDC C1 based on the flywheel crank sensor only occurs every other rotation of the flywheel crank.

Do I now have it right?Forums New posts Search forums. Media New media Search media. Resources Latest reviews Search resources. Log in. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Search Advanced…. New posts. Search forums. Whats the difference between microsquirt and megasquirt for fox mustangs. Thread starter Blucifer99 Start date Jan 5, JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Blucifer99 I only understand every 3rd word. Jul 15, 30 38 36 Port Mcnicoll Ontario. Hello fellow stangbangers. Im lookin for info on the difference between microsquirt and megasquirt.

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Im in the process of my 92lx build and instead of payin someone to tune my ecu im looking into buyin and tuning myself using either microsquirt or megasquirt. The only difference i can see from pages of info on the net is the internal bap sensor on the mega and the external on the micro.

6-5-13 Megasquirt1 v2.2 / Microsquirt2 v3 / MS3Gold show and tell

Plus a few small differences like micro running up to 8cylinders and mega is able to go to Mega can run low or high impendence injectors where micro is only high impendence ,and so forth.

Theres also the price difference. So basically id like to kno whats the real difference if they botg have dam near the same tuning abilities. If the micro does the exact same and uses the exact same tuner studio as megasquirt. Then id rather save some money and get the micro and put the buck savings toward some other mod.

Any info on this subject would be awesome because the only thing stopping me from ordering my ecu is the difference between the two. Thanks in advance. Last edited: Jan 5, Reactions: Rusty Apr 6, 9, 5, 31 Hillsborough county. Microsquirt and Megasquirt are made by the same people. Megasquirt can be added onto easily, microsquirt is a standalone module that has many uses.